Helping to build a better community

At GJBS Limited we believe that we also have a responsibility towards the local community and so we actively support, either logistically or financially, many local charities, groups and sporting associations. We also enjoy supporting many different important events of the local cultural and sporting calendars.

Over the past couple of years, we at GJBS have donated money towards the ‘GBC Open Day’ and are currently supporting a newly formed charity called the ‘Rock Fitness Charity’. We also take pride in supporting local sporting events and have been involved in Netball, Junior Hockey, Football, Dance and Boxing events.

The raising of money is done in many different ways, where it be the basic collection on a weekly basis from office staff for a ‘dress down Friday’, staff bingo, tablita evenings, bowling events, Med Steps Challenge and or a donation from the Company.

We at GJBS believe that helping to contribute towards local, non-profitable charities and entities in Gibraltar, helps to make a difference and we are very proud to say that we are part of that.

“ No-one has ever become poor from giving “
Anne Frank