Joiners Workshop

The heart of the company. The storemen receive daily enquires from Foremen, Working Chargehand or Employees asking for goods to be manufactured. These are all developed in house, however depending on quantities, sometimes an external supplier is involved. These goods include doors, door frames, window shutters, shelving, stair cases etc…


Stock Control

Maintaining an efficient method of stock control is key for the production of goods. In order to always have the necessary materials available to tackle all tasks, it is the storeman’s responsibility to first liaise with management when re-order levels are reached to gain their approval to contact external suppliers and purchase materials. Once suppliers deliver the materials and the storeman is content with their order, the system would then be updated.


Tool Store

Each Foreman/Working Chargehand has their own set of tools which is controlled for use on respective sites by the individual. Some tools & equipment are for general use, therefore are controlled from the tool store at the GJBS main yard. Individuals are responsible for taking the appropriate procedures in ensuring the maintenance of these tools & equipment are maintained to a high standard. When it comes to the maintenance for these tools, depending on the issue, some are dealt with in house whereas in others, external suppliers are involved.


Vehicle Maintenance

The company owns over 100 vehicles ranging from small vans & lorry’s to large cranes. Records of all these vehicles are kept and maintained up to date on a daily basis. It is the Administration Clerks job to inform drivers of respective vehicle appointments and due dates. The Foremen are responsible for ensuring that all vehicles are taken to the subcontracted service engineer when a service is due as well as keeping record of all dates, servicing of all vehicles, repairs & spares purchased.