These are our major works.

Picton House 2

Picton House

Picton House external refurbishment program which saw the external render being stripped completely and the steel structure cleaned and treated with new protection methods. Major works also included applying new modern waterproof and maintenance free render systems to the external facades. The internal courtyard and terraces were also afforded a much required facelifft, with concrete repairs carried out the the structural elements, new floor tiles, new windows, waterproofing to roofs, new rainwater systems and a general re-decoration of all areas. The works undertaken have vastly improved the living conditions for the residents and will ensure the building’s integrity for many years to come.

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Renovation works carried out to the A.M Capurro outlet at Line Wall ensuring complete compliance with existing Jaguar Land Rover obligations. This required the demolition of the original showroom that had been in place for many years, immediately followed by steelworks to the basement carpark to allow for the erection of a structure, not limited to its current single storey formation. The building is also ready to engage with the demands of the forthcoming electric vehicle green energy policies of HMGoG.

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Notre Dame School


GJBS was engaged by HMGoG to design and build a state of the art First School, equipped with specialist teaching and sensory areas for the added benefit of LSF classes. Major works involved demolition works of the entire area, prior to levelling the ground surface. This project was completed within 10 months of the first pile being driven.


Notre Dame School is a two storey reinforced concrete structure situated at podium level. The school was designed to enhance the teaching experience of the core age groups, with enhanced sound proofing throughout to ensure the ambient sounds of Winston Churchill Avenue do not distract the pupils.


Notre Dame is the first school to be built within Gibraltar to have Air Conditioning throughout the entire building ensuring both pupils and teachers alike enjoy a comfortable learning environment. The school also benefits from 100% Wi-Fi coverage to assist the teaching activities and to support HMGoG’s commitment to modern teaching techniques and equipment.




MOD relocation

To facilitate the demolition of the North Mole warehouses to make way for the new Generating Station, we were employed to design & build a new warehouse on a brown field site to accommodate 2No. companies, GFI & Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS).  The total floor area is approx. 1500m2, and the frame is 13.50m at the apex. The building was split into two units to for each of the companies. The construction is a steel portal frame with aluminium twin-skin cladding to the roof and walls. Due to the nature of the businesses all internal walls are blockwork, and the floors a Holorib with concrete slab infill.  The works were programmed for completion in 160 days, and despite it’s location on the North Mole, the various stoppages for Ocean Cruise dockings, the project was completed on time, and in budget.



Glacis, Moorish Castle & Laguna Refurbishment

The ongoing refurbishment to three estates presents considerable challenges, not least because people are in residence. With Health and Safety being our first priority in all our building operations, this aspect is further highlighted when we are asking residents to accept that their homes will be on a building site for some two and a half years, now extended as Gibraltar Housing Department and the Gibraltar Government continue to instruct further beautification works to the original Design and Build brief. People are, of course, individuals with both individual and shared concerns, such that our Construction Managers involved on the projects, even the normally cantankerous ones, are now expert Human Relations Managers with the patience of Job!
The following are the principal design factors of the refurbishment criteria:
Aesthetic Appearance
The scope of works includes a contemporary facelift to the residential blocks to give a new aesthetic appearance of the building facades, comprised of a cladding system of external insulation, with self-colour render finish that provides improved weather and thermal resistance, with Brise Soleil panelling system where appropriate, and as can now be seen best on the two tower blocks in Glacis Estate, Referendum House and Constitution House.
New Monopitch Roof
New contemporary monopitch composite cladded roof with high performance insulation.
New Windows
Replacement of all windows with high quality double glazed sliding windows or tilt and turn inward opening windows where appropriate, with integrated external roller blinds.
Provision for Drying Clothing Area
New drying areas made of perforated stainless steel panels provide an aesthetic finish to the facades
Provision of Lifts
New lifts and lift lobbies; the latter having side windows and grilles for added ventilation and natural light into existing stair lobby.
Infrastructure Works
Extensive upgrading of electrical, telecommunications, water and drainage services throughout.

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Sunrise Hotel

Construction on the Sunrise Motel Project commenced on the 25th January 2015. When complete, the new sunrise motel will see the incorporation of 2nr extra floors which will match the set-up of the existing building, which will be used as the new workers’ hostel.

To enable the construction of 2 new floors over the existing building, a cross bracing support system has been installed to the existing concrete structure of the Sunrise Motel, including new foundation pads where necessary. The new structure will be constructed of a Light-weight steel system which will allow 2 floor to be safely added over the new structure. An external out-sulation system will also be incorporated which will require minimum maintenance in the future.

The new Sunrise Motel/Workers’ Hostel is on track to be completed by April 2016.

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Gibraltar Parliament

The Parliament sits in a building overlooking Main Street and John Mackintosh Square. It was constructed in 1817 served as the Exchange and Commercial Library. It was then refurbished to host the Legislative Council. The House of Assembly was established in 1969 and existed as such up until 2006, year in which it was renamed the Gibraltar Parliament. In 2013 we were selected to carry out a two stage contract refurbishing the Parliament building. This involved a complete strip out and installation of new flooring, ceilings, offices, two curved parliamentary desks and a very complex electrical and data infrastructure enabling live television recordings to be made direct to GBC.
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Lathbury Port Tower

Lathbury Port Tower

The new Port Department Headquarters and Lookout Tower is currently under Construction and has been strategically located at Windmill Hill, which is an excellent observation point for monitoring maritime operations across the straights and territorial waters.

It is designed to incorporate all latest energy saving materials including latest surveillance and communications equipment.

The building will consist of three levels and a rooftop terrace.

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Pistol Shooting Club

The new Pistol shooting Club facilities which is located at Lathbury Barracks (adjacent to Stone Retrenchment Block), consists of 3nr new NRA certified ranges; Full Bore 25m Range, Small Bore 25m Range and internal Air Pistol Range. Based on a like for like basis to the old Pistol Shooting Club premises, new preparation, reloading and armoury areas/rooms have also been introduced. In order to satisfy the needs of the End user and due to the large amount of space required, the new pistol Club ranges have been designed with a specialised bullet catching system made up of recycled rubber and self-healing rubber which absorbs the impact of 9mm bullets. This system is set-up as a curtain and its full width is approximately 1m as opposed to the ‘standard system’ in which a sand slope behind the targets would normally absorb the bullets. The length required for the ‘standard system’ would be 15-20m. The space available has been thoroughly thought through and space has been used to its full potential. Further to the Pistol Club requirements, the facilities has also seen the introduction of a cafeteria and terrace area overlooking the 2nr external Ranges (Full Bore and Small Bore).The design of the new Pistol Shooting Club has seen the construction of 13nr new storage facilities at Ground level, each with its now electricity supply and automatic Roller shutter doors. Works commenced on the new Pistol Shooting Club on July 2013 and is expected to be completed in November 2015.

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