The ongoing refurbishment to three estates presents considerable challenges, not least because people are in residence. With Health and Safety being our first priority in all our building operations, this aspect is further highlighted when we are asking residents to accept that their homes will be on a building site for some two and a half years, now extended as Gibraltar Housing Department and the Gibraltar Government continue to instruct further beautification works to the original Design and Build brief. People are, of course, individuals with both individual and shared concerns, such that our Construction Managers involved on the projects, even the normally cantankerous ones, are now expert Human Relations Managers with the patience of Job!
The following are the principal design factors of the refurbishment criteria:
Aesthetic Appearance
The scope of works includes a contemporary facelift to the residential blocks to give a new aesthetic appearance of the building facades, comprised of a cladding system of external insulation, with self-colour render finish that provides improved weather and thermal resistance, with Brise Soleil panelling system where appropriate, and as can now be seen best on the two tower blocks in Glacis Estate, Referendum House and Constitution House.
New Monopitch Roof
New contemporary monopitch composite cladded roof with high performance insulation.
New Windows
Replacement of all windows with high quality double glazed sliding windows or tilt and turn inward opening windows where appropriate, with integrated external roller blinds.
Provision for Drying Clothing Area
New drying areas made of perforated stainless steel panels provide an aesthetic finish to the facades
Provision of Lifts
New lifts and lift lobbies; the latter having side windows and grilles for added ventilation and natural light into existing stair lobby.
Infrastructure Works
Extensive upgrading of electrical, telecommunications, water and drainage services throughout.

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