The new Pistol shooting Club facilities which is located at Lathbury Barracks (adjacent to Stone Retrenchment Block), consists of 3nr new NRA certified ranges; Full Bore 25m Range, Small Bore 25m Range and internal Air Pistol Range. Based on a like for like basis to the old Pistol Shooting Club premises, new preparation, reloading and armoury areas/rooms have also been introduced. In order to satisfy the needs of the End user and due to the large amount of space required, the new pistol Club ranges have been designed with a specialised bullet catching system made up of recycled rubber and self-healing rubber which absorbs the impact of 9mm bullets. This system is set-up as a curtain and its full width is approximately 1m as opposed to the ‘standard system’ in which a sand slope behind the targets would normally absorb the bullets. The length required for the ‘standard system’ would be 15-20m. The space available has been thoroughly thought through and space has been used to its full potential. Further to the Pistol Club requirements, the facilities has also seen the introduction of a cafeteria and terrace area overlooking the 2nr external Ranges (Full Bore and Small Bore).The design of the new Pistol Shooting Club has seen the construction of 13nr new storage facilities at Ground level, each with its now electricity supply and automatic Roller shutter doors. Works commenced on the new Pistol Shooting Club on July 2013 and is expected to be completed in November 2015.

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