The PricewaterhouseCoopers’s office building also constructed by GJBS, located at 323 Main Street, consists of a 3-story office space for the use of its employees and clients. The building provides employees with a modern working environment with the use of hot desk, board rooms, kitchens, coffee stations, WC, lecture room and outdoor terraces. For their clients the building provides meeting booths and meeting rooms with a large reception. The office building caters for disabled access to all levels with 1 stair lift at the main entrance to access the reception level and a 6 man lift to access all floors.

The new office building was a large refurbishment of a typical old town house in the centre of Gibraltar. The refurbishment of the building also includes the addition of 1 extra floor to the existing building making it 3 story building. This additional floor was constructed of hot rolled steel and LGSF with the construction of 1 new staircase leading up to the new top floor of the building and the construction of a new lift shaft connecting all floors.  Externally the aesthetics of the building was kept in line with the original building as requested by Town Planning.


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