The Small Boats Marina is the most ambitious maritime project carried out by the Government of Gibraltar in recent years, adding space for 700 small vessels to berth in Gibraltar. The location of the project at Coaling Island was part of H.M. Government’s scheme to provide the citizens of Gibraltar with a significant improvement to the limited number of places in Gibraltar for small boats. The Small Boats Marina also provides a public promenade while keeping the outer wharfs and surrounding waters free for super yacht berthing and for large vessels of up to 275m.

The main wharf was constructed by using caissons that are enormous concrete blocks which were built in a floating dock where, at peak times, over 60 people were working 24/7 in 3 shifts. The pontoons come from Finland having been constructed using the last technology.

The project commenced on June 2014 and is estimated to be completed in April 2016.