The works comprised of the 3 specific phases of works: –

Phase 1 – to carry out the marine piling to allow the extension & reinforcement of the quayside on both sides of the berth, and the formation of a bridge section to the rear of the berth, incorporating the 4No. heavy duty mooring points for the boat and installing sheet piles between the main piles to prevent the newly dredged berth from re-silting.
Phase 2 – formation of the access road, quayside extension to newly enclosed jet ski berths, installation of a new pedestrian bridge to allow wat access to the berth. Forming trenches, and cable trays to the underside of the new quayside for the infrastructure. Forming new marine structures for the End Users administration building.
Phase 3 – design, manufacture and installation of the cathodic protection to the berth.

Phases 1 & 2 were completed on time and in budget, however, Phase 3 was originally under the End User’s remit, but was passed on to GJBS in the eleventh hour of the project.  The system was designed in the UK, and was installed by local Sub-contractors under supervision of a Specialist Sub-contractor.